Psychometric scales to assess HAPA variables

Two major longitudinal studies, based on the Health Action Process Approach (HAPA), have been conducted in Germany (1994) and South Korea (2004) that included detailed assessment tools: BRAHMS & RACK instruments.

A minor scale validation paper was put on the web in 1999 for brief self-efficacy scales for nutrition, exercise, and alcohol.

In 2014, another multilingual collection of brief psychometric scales was made available.

Psychometric scales to assess self-efficacy

General Self-Efficacy          Slides        Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Self-Efficacy

Collective Self-Efficacy

Psychometric scales to assess self-regulatory coping constructs

Dispositional Self-Regulation

Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI)          Frequently Asked Questions

Proactive Attitude


Environmental Worry

Psychometric scales to assess social support

Social support (BSSS)                         Documentation

 Autonomy in old age

 Psychometric Scales in German

Ralf Schwarzer